Service tailored to suit your needs

Our talented, enthusiastic and committed team guarantees you a consistent service tailored to your recruitment or employment needs.

We believe creating a trusting relationship that fosters openness between candidates and clients creates opportunities for the best possible outcome for all involved.

The strength of the Pettit Pharma & Device Search team, is our friendly, professional, open and honest approach.

Your PPD Search team member knows pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare recruitment inside out.

The high percentage of our candidates who thrive beyond their probation suggests that we ‘get it right’ when it comes to fit. As a hugely successful value add, which our clients and candidates love, is the employee attachment inventory we provide at the new employee’s 90th day of employment. The inventory measures their level of attachment to the company and their direct line manager.

High attachment leads to a lower risk of attrition because the employee has made an assessment that they want to work within the business. This means a faster ROI as they are contributing at a higher level with increased performance output. Therefore, the chance of retaining the new employee long term rises significantly.

Our job is to make your job search and career transition as smooth as possible.